Galvanize sustainable business growth
with social impact

Givewith’s software empowers businesses to embed social impact funding into both corporate sales proposals and procurement transactions. Our SaaS solutions leverage social impact as an incentive differentiator, enabling clients to increase revenues, lower acquisition costs, and strengthen customer retention rates.

As sustainability and social responsibility have become the backbones of healthy businesses, we deliver tangible impact opportunities that sharpen value propositions and provide mutually beneficial outcomes for companies, people, and our planet. In pioneering this approach, Givewith has transformed social impact from a cost center into a sustainable revenue generator, while forging new funding pathways to address the world’s most pressing issues.

Our SaaS Solutions

Givewith for Sales

Givewith for Sales

Givewith for Sales offers social impact funding pathways as customizable sales incentives, positively distinguishing our clients for improved business and impact outcomes.

Givewith for Procurement

Givewith for Procurement transforms the purchasing of goods and services into funding opportunities for social impact and sustainability initiatives.

Givewith Select

Givewith Select leverages complete access to our proprietary research and analytics, in addition to our entire Social Impact Network of partnering organizations and initiatives across the globe.

“By applying social impact as a sales incentive, businesses can improve win rates, shorten sales cycles, and grow client retention while achieving their sustainability and social responsibility initiatives at the same time.

Our software pioneers the evolution of social impact—from being a cost center to becoming a revenue generator.”

— Paul Polizzotto, Givewith Founder & CEO