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About Givewith for Sales: A Q&A With Givewith Chief Product Officer Joel Artzt

Doing Better Business Through Supporting Social Impact

Here at Givewith, we’re championing businesses with a competitive advantage in their sales pursuits, while supporting Social Impact. We sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Joel Artzt, to discuss how the Givewith for Sales software does this for businesses.

What is the defining feature of Givewith for Sales?

Artzt: Givewith for Sales provides a distinct competitive advantage for businesses by including a social or sustainability impact in any sales proposal. This business enablement is an easy way for companies to embed curated Social Impact programs into their transactions, allowing them to win more deals, and deepen customer relationships.

Customers are increasingly asking their suppliers how they are creating social and sustainability impacts. In addition, customers want to patronize companies that are good citizens of their communities and the world.

Givewith for Sales lets clients choose from four essential, curated cause areas relevant to your customer and create a sales incentive that helps you win your deal. It includes a basic approval workflow that provides businesses with the tools and controls needed to effectively execute a sales incentive program.

How does the Givewith for Sales work to help businesses differentiate proposals?

Artzt: Businesses are on the hunt for new ways to distinguish their sales offerings, while their customers are increasingly asking how they are creating social and sustainability impacts. Givewith occupies the unique space where it achieves both.

Question 3: How does Givewith for Sales work?

Artzt: Givewith for Sales makes it easy for sales reps to choose from four of our vetted cause areas, enter basic information about their deal, and request approval of a sales incentive. Our web-delivered software product provides an approval framework so business leaders can review proposed Gives and approve them as they see fit. There are three flexible ways to fund your Give, all of which are available in the software. Once approved, the Give waits for notification of whether the deal was won or lost. Once won, a separate approver tells Givewith to execute the sales incentive. Once complete, we’ll provide a transaction confirmation you can share with your customer as proof you met your commitment and watch as your sale contributes to bettering the world.

Question 4: What kinds of features can businesses expect in the future with Givewith for Sales?

Artzt: We have a lot of additional capabilities planned for Givewith. For starters, we’ll be providing enhanced insights based on your transaction history, which will be useful to your sales leadership and executive team, along with quarterly and annual reports detailing the Give activity your company. This will help you share your work with your customers and business partners to make the world a better place.

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