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  • About Givewith for Sales: A Q&A With Givewith Chief Product Officer Joel Artzt

    Doing Better Business Through Supporting Social Impact Here at Givewith, we’re championing businesses with a competitive advantage in their sales pursuits, while supporting Social Impact. We sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Joel Artzt, to discuss how the Givewith for Sales software does this for businesses. What is the defining feature of Givewith for […]

  • How to Differentiate your Sales Proposals

    Driving sales through Social Impact in the RFP — Givewith’s Unique Offering Today, companies are on the hunt for new and innovative ways that they can differentiate their sales proposals. These proposals are an essential part in not only landing new customers, but also keeping your current customers in a highly competitive market. Creating a […]

  • New: Introducing Givewith For Sales

    We’re excited to announce Givewith for Sales, designed to help companies create a competitive advantage and win more business by embedding Social Impact in proposals — easily If you manage a business, we know how important it is to continually expand your prospects and opportunities through new ways of generating revenue. In a competitive sales […]

  • Understanding What the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Mean for Your Business

    As corporate social responsibility (CSR), and ESG Scores take the front seat in helping to tackle global issues, more is being asked of businesses to demonstrate their involvement in making the world a better place.  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a call to action by all countries to partner in tackling some […]

  • 4 Important Things to Know About ESG Scores

    Businesses across the globe are turning their attention towards projects, partnerships, and investments that put Social Impact at the front of the conversation with Return on Investment and profitability objectives. As corporate social responsibility (CSR), and commitment to solving global issues joins the front seat, more is being asked of businesses to demonstrate their involvement […]

  • Can Social Impact Really Improve Sales Metrics?

    In a new era of business and investment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is in the driver’s seat. It is apparent the future of business is turning towards opportunities that simultaneously drive profitability and through delivering sustainability and environmental goals. This is where Social Impact, meaning activities businesses can participate in in order to do good […]