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Giving Tuesday & Beyond: Funding STEM Aspirations

An estimated 35 million adults participated in Giving Tuesday 2021, raising an estimated $2.7 billion––a 9 percent increase over 2020. This news is worth celebrating, but given the scale of our global challenges, wouldn’t it be great to find an easy and sustainable way to scale our ambition beyond a single day dedicated to fundraising and volunteering?

What if every day was Giving Tuesday?

At Givewith, we transform daily operations to include social impact. Givewith SaaS solutions enable businesses and organizations to embed social impact funding into both sales proposals and procurement transactions. Leveraging the abundance of the global economy, Givewith introduces new funding pathways to address the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.

This Giving Tuesday, we would like to celebrate Techbridge Girls, one of the many powerful organizations in our Social Impact Network, and highlight the impact that resulted from funding generated through the business transaction between Givewith and Accenture. 

Oakland, CA based Techbridge Girls equips girls from high poverty communities to pursue STEM careers with the goal to achieve economic mobility. To achieve this goal, Techbridge Girls re-engineers the way BIPOC girls from marginalized communities experience STEM. By catalyzing out-of-school time (OST) STEM educators and STEM professionals into equity educators and advocates through training and curricula that promote access, belonging and persistence, Techbridge re-engineers STEM education so girls are inspired and prepared to persist toward their STEM aspirations. 

In 2022, as a result of a Givewith-Accenture business transaction, $10,000 in new funding was generated for Techbridge Girls, which led to the following outcomes:

  • An estimated 207 girls participated in programming where they were taught STEM skills
  • 85% of girls express an increased knowledge of STEM-related jobs — all this resulting from one business transaction

Allowing the ideas behind Giving Tuesday to permeate into the way that companies conduct business daily is the fastest and most effective way to meet the world’s need for social, environmental, and economic transformation.