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The Givewith Impact Platform allows clients to easily offer social impact programs as a part of their sales proposals, talent offers, or customer loyalty programs.

Givewith® for Sales

Leverage your company's existing commercial activities to stand out from your competition, strengthen existing customer relationships and win more business.

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Givewith® for Procurement

Generate new business value while boosting your company’s sustainability performance.

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Givewith® for Real Estate

Unlock a radically new way for owners, tenants, and vendors to partner in creating communities that extend far beyond a building's walls.

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We are revolutionizing how companies think about growth and impact and how stakeholders reward companies for doing good

Easily integrate social impact into your workflow

Our platform is easily integrated into your existing workflow and cloud-based tools through the Givewith API. By automating notifications, approval, reporting, and more through your existing channels and apps, you make social impact simple for your end-users.

Access our extensive content library

Access the world's largest Social Impact content library Our award-winning Social Impact content provides you with the materials to communicate to your team, stakeholders, clients, and the broader public how your company has achieved additional social impacts through existing commercial activities. Our platform and digital engagement Social Impact solution tool makes it easy to tell your impact story, track KPIs across your organization and report your impact to ESG rating and reporting agencies.