Givewith® for Sales

Drive sales by funding social impact initiatives that generate significant business value for you and your buyer.

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Get more out of every deal with Givewith for Sales

Know what your clients care about

Our proprietary platform utilizes a variety of industry-standard data sources to give you insight on your clients' corporate responsibility profile and generates social impact program recommendations, allowing you to create more personalized pitches.

Integrate into your workflow seamlessly

Our easy-to-use sales tools are designed to compliment your sales process, helping you boost renewals and increase success closing new deals.

Celebrate your success

Our content library features high-quality storytelling and reporting assets that tell your team, stakeholders, clients, and the world about the impact you and your business partners have created.

See impact in key metrics across your sales team when you use Givewith

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Up to 7%

Increase in sales by using Givewith as a unique differentiator (1)

Up to 2%

Increase in sales margin from reduced discounting on deals that include Givewith (2)


The value of social impact as a sales differentiator over traditional sales incentives (2)

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.1. Value survey, November 2019; 2. Conjoint analysis, August 2018.

How it works

We provide support materials so you can easily add social impact as an incentive in proposals.

Our proprietary platform gives you access to customer insights and produces a curated list of nonprofit programs that maximize value for you and your buyer.

Once your deal has closed, we handle the impact invoicing and work closely with the nonprofit to track their progress on the program.

You and your buyers unlock storytelling content,  reporting assets, and guided experiences that help different departments communicate the impact internally and externally to achieve KPIs.