Social Impact has always been a bit on the side of “we must be doing good because we’re giving money.”

That’s changed! The impact corporations’ donations can have on people’s lives and the planet needs to be measured and tracked. Doesn’t everything else in business spending have metrics? So should Social Impact.

Using concierge service and software algorithms to curate the best matches to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives, Givewith recommends programs to help corporate giving operate like the rest of your business.

Social Impact

Our network of nonprofit partners is a curated list of Social Impact organizations which have addressed key areas of the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We rigorously vet and benchmark their performance so we can stand behind their offerings and you can count on these organizations to provide programs that deliver results, are meaningful to the recipients and to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and possibly Environmental Social Governance (ESG) ranking.

Our ability to vet this wide range of impact providers for you means there’s a third-party network waiting for you to tap into without having do the work yourself. We stake our credibility as an organization on the work done to vet and benchmark their organizations and programs so you know these network partners are as good as can be found.


  • 140+ Local, national and global organizations
  • 1,000s of programs curated by Givewith to address 10 key issue areas and all UN SDGs


  • Multi-step vetting process and bench-marked against industry leaders


  • Funding Agreements define clear protocols for funds use, expected impacts and reporting requirements
  • Impact Multiple – Proprietary calculation developed with Social Finance to demonstrate multiplier effect of funding a particular program
  • Security: Giving at the program level, not the NPO level, helps you know exactly where the money goes, not to a potential third party that may not represent your corporate goals or ethics

Client Asset Library

Companies who award you business with Social Impact embedded in the deal, will have access, based on the Give amount, to one of the largest Social Impact content libraries in the world. It contains video footage, photography and social media assets to help them tell their employees, stakeholders and potential customers about the good they’re doing and the impact it’s having.

This library of top-quality assets is focused on stories from around the globe of charities and environmental causes being funded with donations from Givewith clients and their customers/vendors. It’s for your marketing teams and theirs to use. The range of usage is determined by a review of the amount given from each deal or semi-annually.

Fill out and send the form to get one of our specialists to call you about how we can help you curate, measure and track the social giving you do through Givewith’s one-of-a-kind process.

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