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Advance your social impact strategy with a technology solution that taps into operations across your company

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Social impact is a C-Suite issue

You know that social and environmental responsibility can’t be an afterthought in your strategy: consumers want to see corporations take action, employees are demanding company engagement in positive change, and investors are doubling down on socially responsible investments. To answer the growing demand for social impact—and ensure it’s beneficial for your business—Givewith engages your entire organization to turn the way you sell and buy into an engine to address this call. Because social impact is most effective when it isn’t in a silo.

GRID Alternatives is putting money back into families’ pockets, increasing housing affordability and reducing the energy cost burden for affordable housing providers. Los Angeles, California.

Investing in social impact drives your long-term goals

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of executives believe Givewith could improve their company’s ESG scores (1)

Up to +10pts

Net Promoter Score uplift from externally communicating the use of Givewith (2)

Up to 9%

uplift in employee engagement from using Givewith and distributing storytelling materials (1)

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.1. Value survey, November 2019; 2. Nielsen social cause survey, March 2020.

Scale your sustainability and responsibility strategy

We’ve created a new model for social impact investment. Rather than stretching every CSR dollar, you can improve your ROI and scale your ongoing commitment to critical causes by embedding social impact across your entire strategy, including sales and procurement.

Increase your sales by up to 7%

Companies across the world are setting responsibility and sustainability goals. Knowing how to help your clients achieve them is a true sales advantage. Use social impact to close more deals by investing a small portion of the purchase towards social impact, while helping your clients achieve their goals. Do even more by leveraging the power of your procurement spend to achieve sustainability and social impact goals by partnering with your suppliers. (Data from a BCG Value survey, November 2019.)

Meet the demand for ESG-related investing head-on

Our platform includes tools and services to report your impact to the world’s leading ESG rating and reporting agencies and better attract and engage the socially responsible investment community around your efforts. Givewith’s reporting and storytelling materials include:

  • Reports tailored for top ESG and sustainability ratings agencies

  • Precise impact metrics (for example, the number of beneficiaries helped or trees planted)

  • Press releases, infographics, and social media posts

Engage your employees in the new way to drive impact

More than ever, employees want to see their values represented in the workplace. Engage them in your organization’s ongoing commitment to positive social change using award-winning storytelling content, including high-quality videos and photography capturing your impact.

Drive social innovation across your entire organization

Increase sales and profit margin

Positively Influence your organization's ESG scores

Enhance employee engagement and increase retention

Address your organization's sustainability and responsibility goals

Businesses are waking up to their roles in society—and Givewith is positioned to get them there.

Roger PremoFormer Managing Director and Partner at BCG