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Social impact is today’s most powerful sales tool. Use it to close more deals—and help your clients achieve their goals.

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Sell using social impact

Both your organization and your buyer’s organization are being asked to address sustainability and responsibility-related goals. At the same time, you are deploying significant amounts of money and effort to build brand, acquire business, recruit talent, engage employees, attract investors, and retain customers. By redeploying a small sliver of these existing costs through Givewith to social impact projects, sellers are turning this money in to today’s most powerful sales tool.

Women for Women International helps women move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. Kigali, Rwanda.

Givewith brings measurable business value to your sales team

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Up to 7%

Increase in sales by using Givewith as a unique differentiator (1)


Increased value of social impact as a sales differentiator over traditional sales incentives (2)

Up to 2%

Increase in sales margin from reduced discounting on deals that include Givewith (2)

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.1. Value survey, November 2019; 2. Conjoint analysis, August 2018.

Strengthen your qualifying process with unique insights

Companies across the world are setting responsibility and sustainability goals. Knowing how to help your clients achieve them is a true sales advantage. Our proprietary algorithm leverages in-depth data and research on prospective clients so you can propose initiatives they care about. Get the following information on 10,000+ companies:

  • Corporate CSR performance and goals 

  • Sustainability ratings from the top data providers

  • Proprietary consumer research data

Boost your success rate with compelling proposals

Your buyers are constantly seeking new ways to generate value from their purchases, and including Givewith in your proposals makes it easy to deliver cross-company benefits. Givewith offers your buyers the opportunity to collaborate on a mutually-beneficial social impact initiative, and then share the value of that deal with the teams on both sides. By leveraging social impact as a sales tool you:

  • Differentiate your offering

  • Add a unique edge to proposals

  • Deepen your relationship with existing customers

Seamlessly integrate Givewith into your process

We make it easy to offer Givewith to your clients. From our platform experience to our customized sales tools, we’ve taken every step to ensure Givewith works hard for you—while being easy to use. Support includes:

  • Access to the Givewith API so you can plug into your existing workflow and cloud-based tools

  • Custom proposal links for your buyers

  • Templated sales materials such as email copy, one-sheeters, decks, and booklets

  • Dedicated Client Success Team

Drive social innovation across your entire organization

Positively influence your organization's ESG scores

Enhance employee engagement and increase retention

Address your sustainability and responsibility goals

Establish yourself as an innovative, socially conscious organization

What’s exciting about Givewith is that everyone benefits. The buyer, the seller, the product manufacturers, the community and the charity which is doing good work. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Terry TamminenFormer CEO of the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

A closer look at Givewith® for Sales

Curious to learn more about how Givewith® for Sales works? Our founder & CEO Paul Polizzotto dives deeper into the mechanics of the model, why social impact is a better use of your client acquisition budget, and how you can use Givewith to win more business.