Todd Ellsworth - Chief Legal Officer CLO - Givewith
Todd Ellsworth
Chief Business Development Officer
& Chief Legal Officer

Todd’s 30+ years of entrepreneurship have provided him a wealth of experience in business formation, development, and operations. His focus has been on corporate law, investment banking, finance, real estate development and technology.

Prior to joining Givewith, Todd was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer at EcoMedia, which was acquired by CBS to become CBS EcoMedia. In addition, he was the co-founder of ByteGrid Holdings LLC, a successful data center startup that amassed over 800,000 square feet of mission-critical real estate in nine markets, resulting in a nationally-recognized and respected brand in less than four years. Todd began his professional career at the Rodi Pollock law firm in Los Angeles. He was also a principal at Pacific Financial Resources, a national “middle market” asset-based finance company. Moreover, Todd was the founding principal of Spyglass Development Company, through which he co-developed commercial and residential real estate development projects. He was also the managing partner of Searchlight Partners, a boutique investment banking, finance and strategic business consulting firm.

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