Givewith Select

Givewith Select for Sales & Procurement is a service lead offering that provides ways to know exactly what your prospect or vendor company is doing in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. This allows you to embed in your proposal, an offering of tailored information which enhanses their CSR goals and your’s as well as possibly improving Environmental Social Governance (ESG) ratings.

For sales teams, all or part of the budget you already have set aside for sales incentives, you can fund Social Impact as your sales proposal differentiator. For procurement it allows you to direct the incentives offered to you to meet your company’s CSR goals. The benefit to all is it doesn’t cost any more than you’re already spending to sell or buy products but does help everyone reach sustainability objectives in a way that can really help people and the planet.

Here’s How We’ll Work Together.

Customer Success Manager (CSM) is assigned to you
You receive or offer a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation to Tender (ITT)
CSM will leverage the Givewith Impact Research Tools, managing every step of the process, helping you identify the best prospects
CSM will identify programs in NPOs that align with your prospect or vendor’s CSR goals and help you address them in your proposal
CSM provides “cut-and-paste” content to put in your proposal
Your customer agrees to your proposal
CSM walks you through easy funding process
As the program progresses, reports showing the impact created by your give, will be provided