If We Could Paint the World

We’re a for-profit company committed to helping our clients win more business. By applying our methodology to their standard operating processes of buying and selling, corporations can increase sales and paint the world with significantly more contributions to solving global environmental and social challenges.

Corporations exchange trillions of dollars every year. We’ve developed a way to help them win more business and advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives at the same time. This process taps into the top of the funnel where goods and services are bought and sold rather than the cost centers where social giving is usually funded. This creates an opportunity for corporations to contribute billions more to Social Impact than is currently being given, and spend no more than is already spent to acquire customers or buy goods and services.

With new thinking and processes like we’ve created, vast new resources toward helping solve human issues like the lack of education, poor living conditions or correcting the direction our environment is going. To us this is really exciting! Not just because it makes us feel good when we get out of bed everyday, but because we see the good work we do contributes to helping our clients, the planet, and millions of people.

How it started:
Family & Surfing

I grew up in Manhattan Beach, California.

My mother Carolyn spent the majority of her life trying to help others. Whether she was volunteering with my aunt at Head Start in Watts or working with my stepfather to convert our dilapidated apartment building into a halfway house for children and teens going through tough times, she demonstrated to me the power that each of us can have in the lives of others.

My stepfather was also a role model for me. Ike always used to tell me, “Every day is Earth Day,” and I took that to heart. I was—and still am—a passionate and avid surfer, and I have a deep connection with the ocean that has motivated me to protect it.

Carolyn and Ike also inspired my entrepreneurial drive. Eventually those influences and values came together in my vision to create a sustainable business model that would provide resources to people in need and those trying to preserve our planet.

I realized that in the business that’s conducted every day, all the buying and selling, there are untapped dollars that can be redeployed to fund, in a very big way, causes that help people and the planet. The key component is to add value to the flow of corporate revenue, not just be another drain on it.

Givewith is making this dream of mine a reality. We’re on a mission to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through Givewith the largest private channel of impact grants in the world.

I can’t think of a better way to honor the legacy of my parents.

Paul Polizzotto, Founder & CEO